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IGN: Nishh
By Nishh » over 3 years ago

Downloading Minecraft

Buy Minecraft:

Download cracked: (not recommended)

Joining Liweth

Start the game with version 1.19.4 (recommended, not required)
Press "Multiplayer"
Press "Add Server"
Write "" to "Server address"
Press "Done"
Select Liweth and press "Join Server"

There will be a question for resource pack, press "Yes" to use special textures (highly recommended)

(Only for cracked) After that, you need to register. Press "T" and write "/register password" change password with your password.


"What is the purpose of this game, what are we trying to achieve?"
Purpose is to conquer every territory in the world.
Territories are buildings that can be attacked for 30 minutes in a day.
In that time if every territory defender is killed, killers get the territory.
So, you need to get more powerful to conquer territories.
Do quests, kill bosses, craft better equipment, train your skills and conquer all the territories.

How to play

You start the game with 20 coins, 10 stat points and 3 skill points.
Coin is money, can be earned by completing quests, killing mobs or selling items.
Stat point is like power score, you can spend it however you want, like moving faster, damaging more, having more max health.
Skill points are a little bit more complex. There is 2 type of skills, Passive and Active.
Passive skills are always active (always working)
Active skills are used with Skill items, you can get them by pressing "Q" or Shift + Clicking the skill in trainer.


Right click a trainer to open trainer menu, to train your skills and stats.


After training go to the Guard and get "Clean zombies" quest.


He is in front of the castle where we started the game.
Right click to get the quest start, walk forward to find a mobarena.


Kill 10 zombies, after killing you will be rewarded with selectable reward, "Beginner items".

Beginner items

Get it on your hand and right click. Select the item you want to take (just one item)
After that do the quest "Thief bunny", to get the quest right click Nieles (in front of the mobarena)

Nieles (thief bunny quest)

After killing enough mobs and doing a lot of quests, you would need better equipment.
You can buy or craft the equipment you want, while buying is easy but less powerful, crafting is hard and more powerful.
You can buy items by right clicking a shop and selecting the item you want. (pay with coin or ruby)
Crafting needs iron, and more if you want special items.
To get iron, buy a pickaxe and wander the map to find iron ores.
After mining enough ore, craft the item you want (result will be a "Custom" item)
Custom items are incompleted, "currently being made" items.
Put your item in an anvil, put iron in 2nd slot.

Equipment crafting

Press righest empty button. There will be a colored wool, press it again if it is red, green (lime), blue, white or black.
Not pressing those wools will be count as a fault.
Nor pressing a wool that is not colored with RGB, WB will be counted as fault.

Equipment crafting

Successes + faults will be the item level. So don't make it more than your level.

Equipment crafting

Put custom item to crafting table, mid slot. Put 1 complement (lapis) to one of the other slots.
Get the item from result slot.

Equipment crafting

Note: you can see the possibilities by clicking empty slots.


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IGN: S0b3k
By S0b3k » over 2 years ago
crafting doesnt work