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History of Liweth

Liweth, formerly an empire, was shattered by the Calamity and split into regions. These regions are occupied by various clans and an attempt is made by the clans to establish a new empire. The former emperor and empress are now dead, the princess is hiding in the shadows and waiting for a clan to support her. Nobody knows why the Calamity happened, it is thought that the destruction occurred as a result of the collision of the worlds. It is said the Calamity happened due to the emperor's research of immortality which was going on for years. As a result of the collapse, monsters appeared, all hell broke loose, and some people went mad. People affected by madness became monstrous, many people had to say goodbye to their loved ones.

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18 Sep 2020, 09:09 0 | 6
Fast is a gamemode like Lol (MOBA)

Every team has a nexus (wither), your goal is to kill enemies nexus. To do that you need rubies, you can collect rubies from bonus event and ores.

Gameplay video:

19 Aug 2020, 16:48 0 | 6

Stats (powers)
Increases direct power.
You get 3 stat points with every level up.
You get 10 from start.
Go to trainer for training stats.
You can reset stats in trainer menu.

Spells, passive and active.
You get 1 skill point with every level up.
You get 10 from start.
Go to trainer for training skills.
You can reset skills in trainer menu.

Skill caster
You need skill caster to cast skills.
In trainer menu, shift + click will give you right click caster.
Costs 10 coins.
Q will give you left click caster.
You can combine skill casters in crafting table.
One that put in the middle takes the look.

Killing mobs/players, doing quests, parkouring gives you exp.
With enough exp you level up.
Levelling up gives you 3 stat points and 1 skill ...
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28 Feb 2020, 16:56 0 | 24


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