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Quest Management

/bq - Opens the quests menu; you can quit a quest by clicking it.

/trackquests - Toggles the quest tracking system.

/canceltrack - Cancels tracking of the current target, which is started by shift-clicking an area in the travel menu.

/notrackquest <quest name> - Disables tracking of a specific quest.

/trackquestsbackwards - Changes the quest tracking system to track quests in reverse order of level.

/bookquest - Displays information about your current book quest.

Skills and Abilities

/mystats [player] - Shows the current total stats of a player.

/itemstats [player] - Shows the current item stats of a player.

/skillstats [player] - Shows the current skill stats of a player.

/godstats [player] - Shows the current god stats of a player.

/basestats - Provides general information about your character's stats in a more readable format.

/statinfo <stat name> <item level> - Provides information about a specific stat, like how much damage it would deal if it's a level 5 item.

/damageinfo - Sends a message when you deal or receive damage.

/damagedetail - Provides more detailed information about damage, specifying which skill does how much damage.

/useskill <skill,skill,skill...> - Uses specified skills without requiring a skill caster in your inventory.

/autoskill - Toggles the auto skill feature.

/stats - Opens the stats menu for viewing stats (not for spending points).

/skills - Opens the skills menu for viewing skills (not for spending points).

Gameplay Settings

/pvp - Toggles PvP; if both players have this on, they can fight anywhere on the map.

/killsound - Toggles the kill sound that plays when you defeat enemies.

/expinfo - Toggles EXP info, showing how much EXP you gain when killing enemies, completing quests, etc.

/actioncompass - Toggles the action bar compass that shows the nearest NPCs.

/togglesb - Toggles the scoreboard.

/timemode - Changes the time (for you only).

/weathermode - Changes the weather (for you only).

Item and Economy

/worth - Shows how much you can sell the item you are holding in your hand for.

/setbounty <player> <coin> - Sets a bounty on a player (coins are taken immediately).

/bounties - Displays players with the highest bounties.

/topcoin - Displays players with the most coins.

/topruby - Displays players with the most rubies.

/toplvl - Displays players with the highest levels.

/coin [player] - Shows how much coin you or another player has.

/pay <player> <coins> - Sends coins to another player.

Profession and Progression

/jobs - Provides information about your progression in professions.

/mobkills - Shows how many mobs you've killed today.

/exp [player] - Shows the EXP and level of a player.

/ontime [player] - Shows how much time a player has spent online.


/guide - Opens a menu with general information about the game.

/travel - Displays the traveler's inventory (for viewing only, not for traveling).

/gems - Displays your gems inventory (for viewing only).

/territory <sub command> - Provides information about territories, such as how many there are and who owns them.

/quit - Leaves the dungeon.