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Players get 3 armor and 3 health per level.

Pressing shift twice makes you travel to nearest village (or using /spawn)

There are random ores and flowers spawned in world that you can collect with pickaxe and shears (you can buy them from seller)

You can craft new weapons or armor with ores and you can craft potions with flowers.

(trees are also breakable with axes, but they can't be used for anything right now, except selling them)

Pressing shift will make NPCs glow, so you can find nearest NPC easily.

Dying will make you lose 5% of the current exp you have. (10% if you are in wave arena)

Exp protect can protect you from losing exp. You won't lose any exp in territory fights.

You can sell items to seller by shift + left clicking. (shift + right click will sell all of that stack)

There are horses in the game and you can buy it from sellers (speed increases by the level of horse increases)

You cannot use horses while in a fight.