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Fight skills:

20s - Sweep Attack: Next attack also damages nearby enemies within 6 blocks radius. Damage is doubled if enemy has Time bomb mark.

(+20%) + (+20% per level) base damage

14s - Knockback: When the next attack lands it knocks back the enemy if the enemy collides with a wall they take additional damage.

+6 damage, +4 knockback power

20s - Furious: For 10 seconds, damaging different enemies increases armor for 5 seconds and damage for that attack. Also marks damaged enemies with Time bomb for 10 seconds.

+30 armor, +15% base damage

10s - Power Attacks: Next 5 attacks does more damage

+8% base damage

22s - Rage: Gain attack speed, movement speed, 60% anti-knockback and extra attack damage. Every full attack causes a flash and damages nearby enemies. Only works with a sword.

+6% attack speed, +1 duration, +1 flash damage, +1.5 attack damage, +4% movement speed

8s - Throw: Throws a sword that does sword damage and slows for 2.5 second by 50%. Damage is doubled against mobs.

(+60%) + (+15% per level) base sword damage

20s - Revive: Gain life steal and attack speed for 6 seconds. Gain 1 heart shield for 2 seconds.

+5% attack speed, +6% life steal

Assassination skills:

24s - Invisibility: Makes you invisible and 30% faster for a duration. Running makes you visible for a moment. Damaging a player disables invisibility.

(+0.6s) + (+1.2) duration

10s - Mark: Gain damage and mark your current location. When timed out or activated again teleport to the marked location.

+1.5s timeout, +6 damage

12s - Rush: Gives high movement speed for 0.8s.

+80% movement speed

10s - Rapid attacks: Gives attack speed, and extra damage against enemies that you struck before for 3 seconds.

+12% attack speed, +6% damage

8s - Killing accuracy: Next attack does more damage depending on how accurate you hit. Damage is doubled against mobs.

+30% max damage

18s - Hunt down: Teleports you to back of the last enemy you hit and damages them. Against mobs, damage is doubled and cooldown is reduced by 70%.

+6 max distance, (+40%) + (+15% per level) damage, +1s time up

12s - Blindness: Next attack blinds an enemy and deals additional damage.

+1.5s duration, +4 damage

Magic skills:

8s - Powerful fireball: Next fireball is bigger, more powerful and faster. Resets attack timer for wand.

+10% explosion size, +10% fireball speed, +20% (+20%, 0 raw) damage

20s - Flying: You can fly(50% slower than normal flying speed) for a duration. You don't get fall damage when it ends.

+1.25s flying duration

26s - Pull: Pull all enemies to where you look. Against mobs, cooldown is reduced by 70%.

+2 radius

20s - Offensive helper: Spawns a wolf at where you look, it attacks nearby enemies. It is a good boy.

+10.5 health, +2% speed, +3.2 damage

20s - Damage buff: Buffs you and nearby allies within 10 blocks radius. Increases damage, doubled if you're alone.

+1s duration, +6 damage buff

18s - Area of effect: Creates a damaging field for 6s at where you look that slows enemies by 30%. Cooldown is reduced by 60% against mobs.

+1 base damage, +4% (+4%, 0 raw) base (wand damage), +0.5 radius

20s - Flame blowing: Blow fire for 6s, slowing yourself by 15%. Damage is increased by 40% against a singular enemy. Cooldown is reduced by 70% against mobs. Can be deactivated.

+46% damage per sec (wand/attack damage), +0 (+0, 2 raw) base damage

16s - Fiery sprint: Sets on fire block under you and increases speed for 5s. Enemies are slowed on contact with fire.

+20% slow, +0.2s slow, +10% speed

8s - Spark: Does damage to nearest enemy you look within 7 blocks radius. Cooldown is reset if it kills. Damage is increased against mobs.

+65% (+20% per level) damage to mobs, (+50%) + (+15% per level) damage to players

Bow skills:

15s - Its raining: Next arrow you land rains arrows to that area. Raining arrow damage is 30% less against still enemies. Cooldown is reduced by 60% against mobs. (auto shoot, 50% less damage)

+3 rained arrow count

10s - Super arrow: Next arrow pierces enemies, deals more damage, knocks back and causes weakness debuff for 5s.

+10% weakness debuff, +2 enemy piercing, +14% (+14%, 0 raw) damage

24s - Knockback arrow: Next arrow is empowered, landing it creates an aura that knocks back all nearby enemies for a duration. Cooldown is reduced by 80% against mobs. (auto shoot, 50% less damage)

+2s, +1 radius, +10% knockback power

8s - Leap: Leaps where you look, fall damage is disabled when leaping.

+1 leap power

16s - Instant shots: Shoot arrows rapidly, damage is reduced by 30% for crossbows.

(+1 arrow count) + (+1 arrow count per level)

15s - Immobilize: Next non-skill damage immobilizes an enemy, 25% less effective for melee.


10s - Guided arrow: Shoot an arrow following the nearest enemy. It slows for 3s when hit. Damage is reduced by 30% for crossbows. Cooldown is reduced by 70% against mobs.

+8% slow, +1.5s follow duration, +0.2 arrow speed

Tank skills:

16s - Sudden hit: Damages nearby enemies and tosses them to air. Cooldown is reduced by 60% against mobs.

+1 toss power, +0.5 radius, (+6%) + (+3% per level) damage (armor)

20s - Reflecting shield: Blocks next damage, reflects half of the blocked damage. If 100% of damage is blocked repeat Reflecting Shield with -100% reduced block power. Damage is quadrupled against mobs.

+25% block power

18s - Regeneration: Gives you and all nearby allies regeneration 3 within 10 block radius. Cooldown is reduced by 40% when alone.

+1 total healing (hearts), +1.2s

16s - Fading: Next attack decreases enemies' damage and increases their damage taken for 6 seconds. Debuff is doubled against mobs

+10% debuff

20s - Ground punch: Jump high, your next fall damages nearby enemies. Deals 40% less against airborne enemies. Cooldown is reduced by 60% against mobs.

+4 base damage, +0.5 radius, (+4%) + (+3% per level) damage (armor), (0.2 raw) + (0.2 raw per level) damage.

15s - Solid movement: You gain anti-knockback, armor and speed for a duration.

+1s, +1% speed, +30 armor, +8% anti-knockback

14s - Silence: Next direct attack, arrow or thrown sword silences an enemy. Does damage against mobs.

+1s, +8 damage to mobs

10s - Detonate: Explode, dealing AOE damage within 2.5 block radius. Damages you. Damage is doubled against mobs.

(+10%) + (+50% per level) weapon damage, +0.5 self damage, (+1.3%) + (+6.2% per level) armor damage, +0.4 raw damage

Fight passives:

Life steal: Dealing damage to an enemy heals you. Healing is reduced against high level mobs.

+3% healing

Str over time: Your damage increases every second spent in combat, up to a certain amount.

+1.25% damage per second, +10% max damage

Speed in combat: You gain speed while in combat.

+4% speed

Weakening: Enemies struck are debuffed for 6s, causing them to take increased damage.

+5% debuff

Long fight: Hitting an enemy with a sword, bow, shield or a wand grants you armor for 5 seconds, up to 5 times.

+25 max armor

Assassination passives:

Damage by time: Not attacking and being invisible for at least 3 seconds buffs your next attack to deal more damage and grant you invisibility.

(+1.5s) + (+0.2s per level) invisibility, +10% damage

Backstab: Attacking from behind with a sword does more damage.

+25% damage

Death power: Killing an enemy reduces cooldown of every skill. Increased if it is a player kill.

"+5.9% cooldown reduction at level 1

+27.3% cooldown reduction at level 6"

Death to weak: Do more damage against enemies that are immobilized, blinded or silenced.

+15% damage

Cruelty: Killing an enemy grants you armor for 2.5s. Armor is doubled if it is player kill.

+50 armor

Adrenaline: Killing an enemy grants you movement speed for 4s. Movement speed is doubled if it is player kill.

+20% movement speed

Magic passives:

Explosion size: Increases fireball explosion size.

+10% explosion size

Meditation: Lowers cooldown of every skill when you use an active skill.

"+7.7% cooldown reduction at level 1

+33.3% cooldown reduction at level 6"

Double edged sword: Increases damage and decreases armor.

-6 armor, +8 damage

Fireball speed: Increases fireball speed and attack speed.

+10% attack speed, +2% fireball speed

Slow: Enemies you damage with skills without arrows and fireballs, are slowed for 2s. Slow duration is 3s against mobs.

"+16.7% slow at level 1

+54.5% slow at level 6"

Deregen: Damaging an enemy debuffs them, decreasing health regeneration and absorption for 5s.

"+16.7% deregen at level 1

+54.5% deregen at level 6"

Bow passives:

Clean damage: Gain increased damage when not damaged for 5s.

+8% damage

Sniper: Arrows deal more damage based on distance traveled.

+10% max damage

Slowing arrow: Damaging with a sword, shield or bow slows the enemy by 30%.


Speed arrow: Hitting an enemy with bow or sword grants you movement speed.

+0.6s, +5% movement speed

Headshot: Headshot damage is increased. Damage is increased against mobs. Its raining only benefits from half of this effect.

+10% damage

Armor penetration: Gives percent armor penetration.

"+20% armor penetration at level 1

+60% armor penetration at level 6"

Tank passives:

Stone skin: Gain armor for each enemy within 12 block radius, up to 4 enemies.

+32 max armor

Double shield: Increases armor and decreases damage.

-4 damage, +16 armor

Growing armor: The first time you take or deal damage, gain armor for 4s. Can only be used when out of combat.

+25 armor

Protect: Grants armor to you and allies within a 10 block radius. Deal more damage to mobs.

+10 armor, +5% damage to mobs

Spiked armor: Gain attack damage for every 140 armor.

+1 attack damage

Thorns: Reflects damage taken, tripled against mobs.

+6% damage reflection