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Fast mode

Fast Game Mode

Fast mode is different than main RPG server, in main server your goal was to conquer enemy territories.
(and was RPG)

What's same as the main server?

Skills/Spells, leveling system, stats, items, coin (and shop), PvP mechanics, gems, horses, potions and a lot of fun of course cheeky

What is our purpose in Fast mode

In Fast, you focus more on PvP than Role playing/PvE.
Fastmode is a MOBA (like Lol), you fight in a 300 x 200 arena with 6 players (3 per team)

Unlike main server, Ruby is needed to win the game.
There is 4 ways to acquire ruby:
First; Bonus event, every 6 minutes a 10 x 10 area gives you ruby for 20 seconds. (8 ruby per second, total of 160 rubies)
Second; Ores, while bonus event is active, ores starts appearing near lanes. You can dig them with pickaxe and collect rubies. (10 ore, 5 ruby per ore, 50 ruby per lane)
Third; Leveling, every time you level up, you get 10 ruby.
Fourth; Mobs, some mobs has ruby in them, earn 10 ruby for killing those special mobs.

There is 1-2 tower for every lane (different for every map)
Killing towers is rewarded with 100 coin per player for that team.
You can't attack to the nexus if enemy team has any towers.
Killing enemy nexus will end the game.
Whoever kills the enemy nexus wins.

What is ruby used for?

Ruby is needed for buffs.
Buffs can be buyed from shop.

There is 6 types of buffs
Protection from wither: Reduces damage taken from wither by 40% (applies per player)
More damage to wither: Increases damage done to wither by 40% (applies per player)
Block regeneration: Decreases health regeneration of enemy wither by 90% (applies per team)
Health buff: Increases health of your wither by 30% (applies per team)
Damage buff: Increases damage of your wither by 30% (applies per team)
Jumping pad: Actives jumping pad for your team (a yellow block, step on it and click) (applies per team)

Additional features



Open your inventory and do a middle click to the item you want to upgrade.

Full upgrade:

Click anvil for a full set upgrade.

Teleporting to base:

Press shift twice. (double shift)

Player radar:

a new item, shows you the nearest enemy. (other section in shop)


there is a boss in every map. Killing this boss gives you buff for 3 minutes (armor and damage)

Cooldown buff:

killing skeleton gives you cooldown buff for 3 minutes.

Balancing system:

If your behind, you get more coins and experience. Killing a lot of enemies adds a bounty on you,
and dying too many times lowers the coin enemy will earn when they kill you.


Pay attention to bonus event announcements, bonus event is the key for winning.
This also apllies for spider buff, don't let enemy team kill it, and steal it if you can.
If you can fight and win; go for the bonus event else, buy a pickaxe and dig ores.
Don't ever stop farming. Steal mobs whenever you can.
Send coin to allies if you have too much. (/pay )
Prioritize strengthening your weapon if your main target is to damage the enemy. (archer, mage, assasin)

Gameplay video